What Does It Mean To Be Gifted?

In the public schools, being Gifted means something very specific. It relates primarily to a child’s IQ score obtained from a nationally-normed standardized test and a child’s demonstrated academic ability. Children in public school Gifted programs are your stereotypical gifted children for whom school comes rather easily.

But many Gifted children are missed in public schools because they don’t fit that stereotype. Sadly, this is nothing new. Geniuses like Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell didn’t always fit that stereotype, yet no one today would ever question their giftedness.

As homeschoolers, we are blessed to look at Giftedness from a different perspective. We are able to consider the various ways that our children demonstrate their God-given gifts. These may include the stereotypical academics, but it may also include gifts such as those observed in the arts. We can look at each child’s gifts and see where we can use those gifts to nurture a child’s innate talent and skill. This is essentially the concept of Multiple Intelligences, an idea that there is not one form of intelligence but many. Schools typically focus only on one or two.

There is another aspect of Giftedness that bears greater attention. A relatively newer theory of Giftedness asserts that children who are gifted may not just have heightened ability in one area, but in many. This may result in children being misdiagnosed or not identified as gifted because these other behaviors mask the child’s giftedness to others. We’ll highlight these “overexcitabilities” in another post.

In the posts on this page, we will focus on the nature of giftedness and how that can be nurtured in your child as well as an emphasis on academic enhancement since that is a common focus of homeschooling parents.

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