Homeschooling My Special Needs Child

I had an interesting weekend. I went to a homeschool conference all about homeschooling children with special needs and students who are gifted. Having a child who is both, I was eager to go and get new ideas.

To be honest, as I went to the conference, I expected to learn a few good things that I could post here for teaching children with special needs, perhaps some great new strategies that would be tailored to the homeschool environment. I also looked forward to hearing a speaker talk about gifted kids and their unique social and emotional needs.

Now that I’m home, I realized what I learned about most was myself. I realized that this blog is really about me and not about my boys. It’s about my constant search for new ideas, innovative teaching strategies, and tools. Mostly, it’s about my desire to find a magic tool to help my son.

There is no magic tool or magic pill or any magic at all. I have a son with special needs. And it hurts. And it’s a joy. And it’s fulfilling. And it’s heartbreaking. If you have a child with special needs, I’m sure you understand. I realized this weekend that I still ache for what I wish his life would be and what I wish things could be like for our family.

I also realized how truly blessed I am. My son has special needs, but he doesn’t have any life threatening illness. There is no known reason that he won’t live well into adulthood. He has a fantastic sense of humor and can communicate that with ease to anyone who will listen. He is bright and intelligent, and I love him.

Yes, I love him. I love him for who he is and who I dream he will become. But it still hurts. And that’s why I write here. I write to learn more for myself, to help myself, and to express myself. I hope and pray that in the process, I might also be able to help others learn more, too.


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