Why are we still homeschooling?

I have a confession. There is a particular question about homeschooling that I don’t like to get anymore. It almost always comes from people I know who don’t homeschool. They ask me if I like it.

My response is pretty standard. I tell them that there are good days and bad days, but that overall we like homeschooling. Sometimes I feel like I’m being honest when I reply like that. But sometimes I don’t. To be honest, sometimes I don’t like homeschooling at all.

My teenager has OCD. The typical teenage behavior combined with the OCD behaviors leaves me exasperated by the end of many days. Okay, let’s get real. It leaves me exasperated by lunch time on many days. Occasionally, I love homeschooling. But lately, more and more days have been full of exasperation. So, why am I still homeschooling?

That’s a question I literally do ask myself sometimes. I find myself doubting and questioning my abilities and what is best for my children and family. Yet I keep homeschooling. I plan for the next day and the next week and just keep going.

I hate the question about liking homeschooling mostly because of the impression I feel I need to give off. I believe that homeschooling has been good for my family. I believe that we are doing the right thing. I also believe that, just like any classroom, there are good days and bad days and maybe even good years and bad years. That doesn’t mean that we give up on our children, our families, or our homeschooling.

So, if you see me on the street and ask me if I like homeschooling, I’ll tell you that we have good days and bad days but that we like it overall. Then I’ll quietly reflect on where we are that day.

Why are we still homeschooling? Because at the end of the day, good or bad, we still feel like this is the right decision for our family and children.


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