5 Ways to Teach an Auditory Learner

Auditory learners learn best through hearing. They need sound to help them get new content into long-term memory. If you have a child who is an auditory learner or are looking for auditory strategies to use as part of a multisensory approach, these five strategies will help.

1. Read aloud. Auditory learners love having books read to them. Read books to your child, play podcasts, and play audiobooks in the car. Some apps, like Epic, even have books that your child can listen to while they follow along.

2. Talk. Talk about what you are learning with your child. Ask them questions, ask for oral responses or oral reports, and encourage your child to talk through challenging tasks. Auditory learners may find mnemonic strategies helpful, too.

3. Use music and song. Just as you likely learned the alphabet through the alphabet song, auditory learners can learn new skills, content, and even memorize new material through song.

4. Help your child to listen. Auditory learners don’t hear their “inner voice” as well as some other children. You can help them by teaching them to listen to themselves. Have your child read aloud, record them and then play it back, or use a whisper phone.

5. Make things noisy. Sometimes it’s helpful to pair sounds with particular concepts to help auditory learners grasp them. As you’re reading with your child, have him or her say the punctuation marks and what they mean, or make a particular noise to go with each one. Play a tone each time your child should pause when reading (e.g., commas, end of sentence, etc.). Auditory learners are usually good story tellers, speakers, and are generally very verbal. They work well with others, may need music to help study, and enjoy being around other people. But because they like to talk, it may be necessary to teach them to study alone. They may move their lips as they read or study. If you have an auditory learner, headphones may be helpful, especially if your other children need a quieter learning environment.

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