Keep Reading To Your Children: Even if they can read by themselves

Most homeschooling parents I know started reading to their children as soon as they were born. I can still remember every word of Goodnight Moon as well as several other of my boys’ favorite books.

We made reading books together a regular part of our bedtime routine. My boys both loved reading, so it soon became a frequent request throughout the day.

We have been blessed to have two children who love books and who learned to read at an early age. They still enjoy reading independently. The challenge we have now is finding age appropriate books that are at their reading levels.

With such avid readers, it would be easy now to simply give the boys a book and walk away. I have plenty of other things to do, right? But the truth is that our boys still want us to read to them. It is still a frequent request throughout our days.

When my husband and I read aloud to our boys now, it is a bonding time. It brings back

emotions and memories of when they were little. It gives us a chance to challenge them and discuss ideas, themes, controversies, and issues that we read about.

We read aloud to challenge them, to bond with them, and simply to have fun with them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you're reading to your own proficient reader.


  • Read aloud books that are a little above their grade level. This provides great opportunities to teach and use advanced vocabulary.

  • Have your children help pick out the book you’ll read. And don’t always make it an academic one. You want your kids to have fun!

  • Have the non-teaching spouse read aloud at night. This is a great way to involve him or her in your homeschool.

  • Make it a shared adventure. Get excited with them. Solve the mysteries of the book together.


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