Why Do I Even Bother To Plan?

Fall is finally here. A time of change...unless you live in Florida. Then, Fall just means a high of 90 instead of 91. We're still in shorts and t-shirts, and we will be for a few more months. All the leaves are green. And thankfully, we'll be in the pool this afternoon. Sometimes change is predictable. I like that. I'm a planner. I like knowing when and how something will happen. But like all other meticulous planners, I get blindsided each time my plan doesn't work out like I wanted it to. Oh, I know I should know better. Plans never seem to work out exactly like you want them to. But I still seem to get shaken up when my perfectly organized and well thought out plans go awry.

Today is a perfect example. I was sick all weekend with a terrible head cold. I'm finally starting to feel a little better, but you guessed it. I couldn't get back on schedule quite yet. Now my children are sick. So, what's a homeschooling mom to do?

We decided to go with the flow and still try to infuse a little bit of education. I keep a handful of educational shows recorded on our DVR for days like this. We did a little bit of reading together and then watched a couple of these shows. Little did I know, my younger son was being inspired by what he was watching.

When we finished watching TV and briefly talking about what we'd learned, my younger son told me he was going to design a submarine. He spent the next hour drawing pictures of different components of his sub and testing in the sink to see how specific details might work out. We talked a lot about his sub, what worked well, what didn't, and what other factors he might need to consider.

I'd planned a regular school day for us today. But my son taught me that it is sometimes great to throw plans out the window. He learned a lot today about subs, and we had fun together in the process. That's what homeschooling is all about.


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