Homeschooling and ADHD: Hang In There…It’s Worth It!

If you’re parenting and homeschooling a child with special needs, you know first hand the added challenges that you face. There are educational difficulties, accommodations needed, challenges in selecting appropriate curricula. Then there is the scheduling chaos as you manage multiple doctors’ and therapy appointments.

Although it can be incredibly discouraging at times, new research is supporting the benefits of homeschooling children with special needs. In a small study published in Psychology Today, Dr. Peter Gray reported that “kids and parents manage ADHD better without conventional schooling.”

In fact, Gray’s analyses suggest that homeschooled children with ADHD can succeed educationally at home without the addition of medications. And while their ADHD symptoms don’t go away when children leave public schooling, those symptoms are not as problematic in the home education setting as they were in a regular classroom setting. Interestingly, Gray also concluded that homeschool children with ADHD do best when given greater control over their own education.

Gray concluded that the homeschool setting allowed children with ADHD to be educated in a manner that minimized the effects of the ADHD itself. Allowing these children the freedom to be more self-directed in their learning and focus on tasks of greater interest to them was especially important.

“The child could be active and self-directed without being disruptive and had opportunities to learn how to cope with his or her personality characteristics,” Gray wrote.

If you are parenting and homeschooling your child with ADHD, take heart. Your hard work, sweat, and tears are worth it. Follow your child’s lead. Let him or her wiggle, explore, and seek out topics of interest. Who knows? You may have a great leader on your hands just waiting to be let out of the box.

Source: Psychology Today

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