That Homeschool Mentality

One of our local homeschool groups recently scheduled a park day to help kick off the new school year. We planned to attend all along, but when the day came I wasn’t so sure. The weather forecast looked good, but the weather I saw in the sky didn’t. In fact, it was raining all morning long. I checked the group’s Facebook page and there was no announcement of the event being cancelled or rescheduled. So, when we finished a doctor’s appointment, I told my boys that we could drive over to the park and see if it was any better there.

To be honest, I fully expected that we would arrive, find the park empty, then drive home and have a relatively normal school day. I now realize that I had fallen back into the typical school mentality.

When we arrived at the park, I was shocked to see about 30 kids running around in the rain having a fantastic time. Parents were enjoying their social time under cover. The boys were thrilled. I told them to go for it and we’d stay as long as there was no lightning.

We had a great time at the park, in the rain, for nearly 3 hours. The boys got soaked and dirty. And that was okay. I’d forgotten that as homeschoolers we don’t have to do things just like the rest of the world. What’s wrong with playing in the rain in the middle of the school day? We could simply go home and put on dry clothes.

That’s the homeschool mentality: realizing that we can do what works for us and not what all other kids do. Each homeschooling family can use the curriculum, the schedule, the location, and the clothes they choose. Even if those clothes are pajamas or wet from a rainy day at the park.


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