That “Mom Way”

All moms develop the uncanny ability to give “the look.” We all know it from when we were children. It’s that clear, unavoidable look that tells us that we have messed up and been caught doing so. We knew when we got “the look” that we were in trouble. We knew we’d done wrong.

The truth is that as moms, we have a lot of looks that we give our children and our children have looks they give us. We have a saying in our house that my “Mom radar” is going off. It’s that sensation we get when we know our children are up to something, but we’re not quite sure what it is yet.

All of these looks we give our children and the way we admonish them are part of what my younger son calls the “Mom way” of doing things. Oh, there are others. Like how we comfort them and how we care for them. As homeschoolers, we also recognize that there are different ways that moms and dads teach their children.

I love history. I could teach it all day long and enjoy myself. But my husband is much more science oriented. He can explain things in ways that I can’t. As you start your homeschooling year, think about how you teach and how you interact with your children. That is your “Mom way” or your “Dad way.”

While we may all be able to give kids “the look,” there is only one “Mom way” and one “Dad way” for your kids and your family. Have faith in your own abilities to meet your children’s needs as you start your new year. And relish the individuality of your own “Mom way” and your unique ability to love, raise, and teach your children.


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