What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

When someone is thinking about starting to homeschool, they often wonder what it will be like for their family. Some people approach it in a systematic, public-school like fashion while others take a much more laid back approach. The truth is that each homeschool is unique and each day within that homeschool is also unique.

Take today for example. My younger son decided that it was a good day to go into our garden and plant some new flowers.

As we began, we decided where to plant the new flowers and discussed which tools we would need. Then we stopped. Our 3-legged dog, Molly ran to the back fence barking up a storm. We soon saw why. Not 10 feet from our back fence was a doe. She froze when she saw Molly. Ryan and I carefully approached the area. We spoke in whispers, and Ryan suggested that we get low to the ground so that the doe would not see us as a threat. She didn't run.

Ryan and I sat there amazed for several minutes. We talked about her beauty, her grace, and how her tail was longer than we'd expected. We wondered why she hadn't fled. After several minutes, the doe trotted toward the other end of the yard. We followed and soon saw her fawn, too!

Ryan was enthralled! When the two finally trotted off, he ran inside to share the experience with my husband and his big brother. It was so fulfilling to see my son truly enjoying God's creation, having such respect and awe for it, and being so excited about sharing what he saw.

When we returned to the garden, we had a physics lesson waiting. As we discussed which tools to use and why, we realized that the same principles Ryan had learned about in a recent physics project (he wanted to study the physics of sword fighting) could be applied in the garden. We talked about the physics of using a shovel versus as small spade and when each would be appropriate. We talked about the force each applies and the maneuverability of each and why these properties existed in the use of these tools.

This is homeschooling. It's living life together and learning while we do it. It's taking what we learn in one setting and applying it in real life in another setting. It occurs on holidays as well as school days, because it is just part of our lives now.


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