Exercise and ADHD

We all know that exercise has immense health benefits. It helps our children stay at a healthy weight, builds their strength and endurance, and aids in overall development. But did you know that exercise has been shown to have additional benefits for children with ADHD?

The Mayo Clinic released a paper recently suggesting that regular exercise has a positive effect on children with ADHD when combined with their existing treatments. Researchers found improved cognitive performance, brain function, self-esteem, and executive function control, all areas that are directly affected by ADHD.

Team sports were found to be especially helpful in developing physical as well as social skills in a fun and engaging way. In addition to team sports, the researchers recommended structured individual sports such as martial arts. They did stress, however, that the specific sport chosen should be based on genuine interests of the child.

Sports also help children with ADHD to learn to focus their attention. During a game, for example, players on a team will have to be able to focus on their responsibilities and ignore many of the sounds and distractions around them.

If you have a child with ADHD, we'd love to hear more about what physical activities have been helpful for your children. Please comment here or on Facebook.


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