Can You Read Like Someone With Dyslexia?

Daniel Britton is an amazing man. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia during his final year studying graphic design at the London School of Communications. In public schools, people with special needs like Dyslexia receive special education services and accommodations. All teachers today have to take at least one class in special education in order to graduate. But most people in the world don’t have such requirements.

The result is that many people in the general public have a very different view of what Dyslexia is than teachers, people with Dyslexia, and their families. Britton’s classmates thought he was lazy or just not that smart. They didn’t understand that his brain was actually seeing things differently than theirs.

So Britton took the education of those around him into his own hands. He used his skills in graphic design to create a unique font called Dyslexia. It is designed to simulate the reading challenges that people with Dyslexia face on a daily basis. It’s much more than simply reversing letters as you’ll see.

Britton’s font did indeed help his classmates to better understand his challenges. And now it’s being used to educate a wider audience as well. Click here to see the Dyslexia font for yourself. How does this change your perception of people with Dyslexia?

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