Looking For An Evaluator Or Tutor?

Emily Hay

January 01, 2020

I am a FL certified teacher for grades K-6.  I would love to partner with you in completing the yearly portfolio evaluation required by the district.  Please call, text, or email to ask questions or schedule a meeting. I can meet with families in Alachua County. 

I am available all year. 
Phone: 864-590-6997

Cost: $20 per evaluation

Maria Elena Mendez

November 16, 2017

Reading to Succeed! Prevent further difficulties in READING by introducing skills properly

     Identify pre-reading and reading skills that your child needs to work on early and use appropriate strategies to prevent your child from falling behind in both fluency and comprehension. This is crucial before 3rd grade when books are less predictable and have fewer pictures to rely on for understanding.
     A reading specialist with more than 18 years of experience in teaching reading will help you to identify the areas of need of your child and suggest appropriate activities to help your child read at his/her age level. 

Melody Scott

January 28, 2018

     My family has been on this homeschooling journey for over twenty years, and I have been helping families with homeschool evaluations and information for over twelve years. I have a Masters in Education degree from the University of Georgia and taught in public and private school systems for five years before my family began our adventure in homeschooling. I have homeschooled all seven of the Scott children, five of whom have graduated and moved on to higher education or have jobs, and the remaining two are still working hard at home. I am married to Jeff Scott and together we own Cheek and Scott Drugs of Live Oak, Lake City, and Jasper.  I love Jesus with all my heart and enjoy reading, puppies, chocolate, and coffee in just about any order.

     I can help with all aspects of homeschooling from making the decision to start this journey to graduating your high school seniors.  I understand and have experience with all methods of homeschooling from un-schooling to the classical approach. I was a member or leader in a homeschool co-op for more than fifteen years and can also help with questions about co-ops and homeschool groups.  I can help with questions concerning umbrella schools, virtual school programs, and dual enrollment. 

     Portfolio reviews are my preferred method of evaluation. 

Availability: All year for all ages 

Portfolio Reviews: $25 per student

Consultations: Initial PHONE consultations: Free

Email: melody@cheekandscott.com Phone: 386-590-0912

Melody schedules one-hour appointments and generally meets families at the Suwannee Regional Library in Live Oak.

Lori Watson

June 30, 2017

     I am a former County Teacher of the Year with homeschooling experience who provides portfolio evaluations. I work with families with a wide variety of homeschooling styles, and I'm always amazed at the beautiful ways different families make homeschooling work for them. I offer a discount for multiple children within the same family.

     I provide tutoring and teaching services to the homeschool community, as well. My specialty is teaching children to read, but I also love tutoring math and other subjects. I primarily tutor elementary and middle school children.

Are You An Evaluator Or Tutor?

June 15, 2017

If so, then please click on the link below to email us with your name, photo, and a brief description of the services you offer. We'd love to include you here on our list!

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