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Alachua County Homeschooled Teens

We are an inclusive, secular (non-religous based) group of teens and parents of teens living and homeschooling in and around Alachua County, Florida. 

Alachua Homeschooling Families

This group is for homeschooling families with school aged children that are at least 5 years old and are being homeschooled or unschooled (younger siblings are allowed). This is not the group to join if you are exploring homeschooling as an option for your family or simply looking for a playgroup. The focus of our group is on social and educational events for actively homeschooling families. 


We are an active group that provides a variety of ways for homeschooling families to connect and build friendships. We offer weekly park days, various field trips and events throughout the month. Our goal is to provide social opportunities, support and encouragement. Whatever your homeschool philosophy, from unschooling to traditional, you are more than welcome in this homeschool group. No one is excluded because of schooling style or belief system. Respect and understanding of these differences is important to the success of this group, and we ask that everyone adhere to this.  
Our primary activity will be a weekly Homeschool Park Day on Wednesday morning in Alachua, FL. Alachua Homeschooling Families has an attendance policy. Members are expected to attend 1 park day once a month. Members who do not meet this minimum attendance requirement will be removed from the group. By attending park days regularly, our children will have the opportunity to develop friendships and spend time with peers. This group was created with the intention of bringing together families and develop a community of friendship and support. 

Christian Home Educators Association

Faith-based homeschool group

Classical Conversations

Faith-based homeschool group.

Community Christian Homeschoolers

Founded in 1985, Community Christian Homeschoolers (CCH) is a Christian support group offering fellowship, support, and encouragement for local homeschool families in Alachua County and the surrounding communities. Members are Bible-believing Christians who have similar reasons for

homeschooling and are in compliance with the law. Throughout the year, members participate in various volunteer-led activities and subgroups. As a not-for-profit organization, CCH is led by volunteer board officers and subgroup leaders who are all homeschool parents themselves. These leaders serve on a Steering Committee to guide CCH and function as facilitators and coordinators to enable the members to work together effectively.​

Cornerstone Academy

Faith-based school supporting homeschoolers

Flourish Gathering

A gathering place for women growing in God's Word Ladies! We have some BIG news!! It is with much excitement that we finally reveal our FLOURISH website to you!!! I feel like we birthed a baby, thankfully the "labor" is over and the journey is just beginning. We are so thankful for our designer and tech expert Savannah Chase. We believe this website will be a mighty tool for the glory of God. Mindy Brown Kiker and I are so grateful and honored that we get to serve, encourage and equip women using the greatest tool of all. The Word of God!! Without further ado... take a look!!!!!!

Gainesville Area Homeschoolers

Secular homeschool group.

Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative

Secular homeschool group.

Gainesville Homeschoolers

We are an open, secular, inclusive homeschool group. Most of our members homeschool, unschool, or use FLVS. No membership fee is required. Participation in all activities is optional and most are free. We offer support and socialization and learning and FUN! We do not discriminate for any reason. We are inclusive, and diversity is valued here!

Greenlife Homeschool Community

Faith-based homeschool group

MICAH Homeschoolers

MICAH Homeschoolers (Mothers Instructing Children At Home) is a free, extracurricular group for homeschooling families that offers approximately two events a month during the traditional school year. Although our roots are Christian, we are inclusive and welcome all local homeschoolers to join us. 

We usually have at least one activity day and one field trip each month. The activities and field trips are planned during the summer, and members volunteer to coordinate the activities and trips. 

We rely on members to help plan and coordinate these activities and trips to make these events special, fun, and educational for our children.

Santa Fe Christian Co-op

Faith-based homeschool group.

Titus 2 Homeschoolers

Titus 2 Homeschoolers Newsletter is a weekly e-mail newsletter to keep us informed about homeschooling events, ideas, information, and fellowships. It is our hope to encourage you and edify - strengthen and build up - so that no one feels alone, but connected to Jesus and to a Christian Homeschool Family. Everyone is welcome to notify us of things you'd like to put into the newsletter.


Tri-County Homeschoolers

Tri-County Homeschoolers meets at Freedom Baptist Church 7207 SR 21 Keystone Heights on the 2nd Monday of each month. Check out their website or Facebook page for additional details.






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